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And what a summer!


Since May. That’s a relatively long chunk of time and a really long time not to report on a blog. But so much has happened in the past 5 months!

In May, my art partner Linda Alexander-Radak and I decided to close down our shared art space at Avenue Arts Marketplace (formerly 2nd April Galerie). It was a tough decision since I had been there in some capacity for over 5 years, but we had reached a place where we were representing a passel of artists in our loft space on the second floor and we needed a change. There was a space available on the first floor, which was exciting, but it was smaller and we just didn’t see a way to move our business lock, stock and barrel and not cram it in. And we were tired. So we decided to take a break and pull up roots. And besides, someone was getting married! Read the rest of this entry

A Matter of Pride in Canton


City-of-Canton-OH lgbtAn anonymous quote states it well, “Gay Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So instead of wondering why there isn’t a Straight Pride movement, be thankful you don’t need one.” What began as Gay Pride has enlarged to include the LGBT community, and it is almost universally celebrated in June, while occasionally in other communities in other months. But if it’s Pride in June, it’s LGBT Pride.

Except in Canton, Ohio. Canton has a monthly downtown arts festival, as do other arts communities, called First Friday. Each of these monthly First Friday events has a different theme. There was February’s “Frosty Frolic,” April’s “Masquerade,” and coming this month, June’s “Pride.” Wait, that’s not quite right. June’s First Friday theme is “Canton Pride.” Isn’t that nice? Read the rest of this entry

Bring in the new!

Transitions. Out with the old, in with the new. Standing on a precipice, ready to cross a threshold, but don’t step timidly, LEAP!


Think about it. You step and expect to find solid ground, and you’re thrown off balance and begin to plummet when your foot is met with empty air. There is nothing pleasant in that experience.


But that’s different than seeing the chasm ahead of you and knowing you have a choice, not to step and fall, but to leap, and even as you spring into the air, you perceive not the ground below, but the bank awaiting across the divide and you do the work to gather your strength and wits into you to land as best you’re able, not below, but across, across! And even as you do that work, the unexpected takes place and angels catch you and carry you until you evolve into a being who can sprout wings and fly if necessary.


Welcome to 2015.


I’m in the throes of moving on, packing up, hitting the road, Jack! As of January I will have quit the corporate world and devoted my full time and full attention to DougTennant.com, parent of DW Downtown and Gilda Shedstecker Presents! So the rookie gallery at 2nd April and the several-shows-a-year theatre troupe, having spent the last several years putting down roots, will start to leaf and vine and flower. And fruit! Can’t forget the fruit.


It’s kind of scary, but in a funhouse good way. If there is anything I’ve gained from my time on this earth Read the rest of this entry