Who’s Grey?

I’ve been a dog, a cat, a southern belle…

I’ve been a dog, a cat, a southern belle…

In the words of Reba McEntire: "Who I am is who I want to be." A beautiful work in progress, I'm learning to be ever happier living in between who I used to be and who I may yet become. It's imperative to learn to like yourself, to accept the core within you that is as it was created, because until you're comfortable in your own skin you won't be truly happy. My name used to be Douglas Eugene Tennant, but pardons to my mother, I never liked that first and middle name. I married in 2017 and took my husband's last name, and discovered the legal process for changing any part of your name is all the same, so I figured I might as well make it something I like.

I'm an artist, a dramatist, a child of the Divine, a papa of two grown-up girls. I am a seeker of higher wisdom, a Nature Spiritualist, an empath. I am privileged to work in a studio with my husband Khrysso Heart LeFey as resident artists of The Artists LeFey LLC. I make some music and some theatre, too. And life is all about the colors, baby!™

As I become fuller in years, I lean more (and more!) to the left. I recognize that conservatism is generally perpetuating the myth that every person should look out for their own people, while playing a zero-sum game where if they work hard and smart, they can be the winner in their own life. The problem is that in that race, everybody is looking over their shoulders for the cheats and sneaks, who are the only ones who really win. Liberalism, on the other hand, is about casting a wide net to care not for just your people but for all people, playing a cooperative game where the whole team wins. I believe that it's a basic human right to have those things that are basic human needs. Social democracy is a capitalist economy with a governmental safety net that ensures basic human needs. Pubic school, police, the post office, and fire department are examples of social programs in our democracy.

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