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Hell with the Holidays

Ah, it’s that time of year: the often trying occasion of getting together with family to celebrate the holidays! With the accumulating pressures of decorating, shopping, and planning, who has the energy left to...

Abraham Lincoln Big Gay Dance Party! Tickets now on sale

Tickets for Gilda Shedstecker Presents! Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party, by Aaron Loeb are now on sale! This play is in turn outrageously funny and frighteningly serious as it tells the story of...

Gilda Shedstecker Presents! Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party

Because it’s Abe Lincoln or because it’s gay?

All right, now. And the knee jerks. Let’s calm down, people! The question has been asked, how dare we besmirch the inviolable name of everyone’s beloved Abraham Lincoln?! I’m referring, of course, to the...

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