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Yes, actually, I AM a Girlyman

Yes, actually, I AM a Girlyman

Buck, our Honda Element, wouldn’t start one day last week so I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed a few tools, and got my hands greasy. A few minutes later he was purring in the...

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I believe God’s a Keebler elf.

No, not really, but it got your attention, didn’t it? So, a couple of my posts on the Facebook in which I criticize taking scriptural verses out of context prompted a friend to ask,...

Gilda in a whole new wardrobe!

So typical! Literally on the heels of yesterday’s post about the new direction of Gilda Prsesents! since Grey Forge LeFey’s move to southern California, the artist announces the sudden departure of Gilda herself. According...

Gilda Presents!

Gilda in a New Dress

Howdy, Gilda friends! It’s been a wild ride the last year backstage with Gilda. When one is the sole power in the producer/director chair, keeping things on track and on schedule when the world...

Goodbye to the Dream in the Woods

Goodbye to the Dream in the Woods

When I started looking at the future a couple years ago, contemplating major changes was stupefying. One of the decisions I needed to make was about my home. I loved my patch of woods...

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