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I just want to let everyone know: Winter in Ohio is a bitch, and she’s getting worse all the time.

Our Gilda family used to do winter shows, but for us, assembling during the coldest months of January and February comes at a high price. The last time our little independent company managed a large cast show in February was in 2015 with Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party. It’s still one of my most bitter disappointments that more people didn’t get the chance to see our outstanding production of this remarkable show. Of our scheduled run of 4 performances, opening night had to be cancelled because of an extraordinary cold snap which wouldn’t allow the heat in the Kathleen Howland Theatre to exceed 58º, and another performance had to be cancelled when one of our leading players ended up ill in the ER in that bitter winter.

So this year we planned one of our comedy monologue showcases in February. It didn’t even matter that moi would be traveling out west a couple weeks prior because funny scripts assigned to funny actors, minimum group rehearsals, a couple run-throughs, and voilá! A night to put the audience in stitches.

Alas, Winter in Ohio coupled with conflicting schedules, and the scheduled monologue showcase, Panties in a Bunch, is bumped to June. June 8, 9, 15, and 16. Please note that on your calendar. Because it will also be my last production with my beloved family of Gilda Shedstecker Presents! in Canton, Ohio.

In the meantime! Opening April 13, in conjunction with Coming Together Stark County, Gilda Shedstecker Presents! Driving Miss Daisy, directed by Linda Alexander-Radak, starring Kitty Deames Burgett. Please join us in both April and June!

~Grey Forge LeFey

-Photo: 2016’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Stratford Festival, Stratford Ontario.

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  1. Kim Tuel says:

    Well, my friend…as much as you will miss your Ohio families (personal & theatrical), the shows here Go On. No weather blues to stop them…hugs!!

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