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SoFonda and Butch LeFey

"The Scrummy Bits of SoFonda LeFey" at the 2019 Hi Def Fringe Festival in Joshua Tree

Hello, friends! We've been spinning round here at Shangri-LeFey Studios most of these past 6 months or so, trying to cope with our changing world and circumstances, like all of you.

I had just received the endorsement to start a new official chapter of the nationally acclaimed Drag Queen Story Hour here in the Morongo Basin when the pandemic lock-downs hit. All those places in which people gather that would be available to host family story hours were closed: schools, libraries, galleries, etc. If you recall, I was awarded a grant to help document the creation of our Morongo Basin DQSH chapter, so that's been on hold as well.

We also have plans to take Sofonda and her adoring husband Butch on the road, so that goal also requires a good juggle.

Of course, all these closures have additionally impacted our activities as visual artists, with no traffic in our network of galleries that Khrysso has worked so hard to establish since we came to California. But we're not the kind to couch potato into a stupor: we've been working to make improvements to the studio, and we continue to create art. We're working on transitioning more of our focus to the internet as necessary with updated and new hardware and software. We're exploring new mediums. Khrysso has been working on his book, and SoFonda LeFey's Morongo Basin Drag Queen Story Hour is following the example of her sisters and taking her books on line.

Whew! That's a lot! If you're not yet, please be sure to follow SoFonda and Butch on Facebook for continuing news, or sign up over there to the right for email updates. And as always, we are so grateful to our Patreon supporters. We have a continuing mission to spread beauty, love, and equality, and it's an enormous help to have the enduring endorsement of others.

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