Penny Wurst, our premier Morongo Basin Original!

One thing the Artists LeFey have appreciated so much since relocating to the Morongo Basin a couple years ago is the social consciousness exhibited in so many unique people here. We appreciate and admire those who confidently express their individuality and fearlessly support the rights of others as worthy equals. So we created “Morongo Basin Original” with the express intent of celebrating these wonderful people found here in the high desert, and we invite others to join their ranks.

It is with delight that we announce our first standout as a Morongo Basin Original: Morongo Valley’s Penny Wurst. Penny is a realtor with Coldwell Banker Palm Springs, which is an apt profession for someone interested in strengthening neighborhoods. She is an organizer dedicated to the Morongo Valley Action Committee, a public coalition to enact positive community change. Penny isn’t afraid to let her hair down and be herself, and as we’ve witnessed, she defends the rights of others to be treated fairly and with equity. She’s just what we mean when we say, “Morongo Basin Original!” We all can use more friends like Penny, and we want to thank her for being what we consider the best of American spirit. You just keep on shining, Penny!

And please, feel free to join us on Facebook at Morongo Basin Original™. Who will it be next month?

©2020 The Artists LeFey

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