On the inside


I wish I was an old man, my days all lived behind me.
Mistakes all made, my dreams gone gray, no long sighs left to sigh.
For if I was an old man, my trials would soon be over.
I’d burn this hoe, and these sack clothes, and spread my wings and fly.

For half a generation now I’ve tried to ease your sorrow
You always cry for days gone by, a life lived long ago
But what moment were you happy then, that I cannot remember?
The pain you bear is the crown you wear, That’s the you I know.

I thought that when the world was new, I’d be an oak tree, strong and true,
Back then I didn’t know my own true name.
The song I loved you took from me, began to cry, said “Leave me be”
And chasing ghosts was what our years became.

I know that this has never been the life that dreams were made of
I know the man I’ve failed to be, no matter how I tried
But I believe that you can live the life that you were made for
With grace to be redeemed and free, just trust the changing tide.

About Grey Forge Le Fey

Formerly known as Doug Tennant, Grey Forge LeFey is an artist, dramatist, and humanitarian creating from Shangri-LeFey Studios in southern California. His theatre company is Gilda Presents! With his huzzband, Khrysso Heart LeFey, Grey envisions a more beautiful world filled with kindness.

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