Harry’s Hotter at Twilight

Gilda Shedstecker Presents! Harry’s Hotter at Twilight by Jonathan Dorf. Dorf has supplied us with a credible script asking, “What if Twilight met Harry Potter?” which provides the framework of a plot. But Dorf has given his blessing to take that script and make it our own, and it’s no holds barred as our players skewer and shake the foundations of JK Rowling’s favorite son and Stephanie Meyers’s vamps and wolfies. Happy Halloween!! Oh yeah.

Gilda Shedstecker Presents! Harry's Hotter at Twilight

Roman Feemster as Harry
Brian Dawson as Rob
Holly Barstow-Riley as Uptight Know it all Girl Wizard
Patrice Rittenhouse as Stella
Ben Seeley as Edward
Jeff Rohr as Hunky Shirtless Guy
Ellen Fox as the evil vampire Euphoria
Manuel Halkias as Professor Don Bake
Jacki Dietz as Alice LeStrange
Kitty Deames Burgett as Mary Alice
And Tammy Zinkhon Hyde as the evil Lord You Know Who

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