Confessions from the Ladies Room

An estrogen-ensemble comedy of egos by Shane Riggs, author of The Lightbearer, Ladies Room was the debut production of Gilda Shedstecker Presents! It was hugely successful, both critically and more importantly, as setting the tone for GSP! as a repertory troupe by being an exceptionally innovative and civil ensemble effort. None of the preliminary casting by Tennant was realized and culminated in the unorthodox casting of Craig May as Vivian West, and as the originally Latin role of Carlos being reimaged as Colin, from Australia.

The premise: Stephen, the creator and head writer of the hugely popular sit-com The Ladies Room, spends an evening with his partner Matt attempting to reassemble his 4 actresses for a reunion special 7 years after the show was cancelled. The divas are all in the house: Vivian, Rachel, Lila, and Maria, all vying for top billing while trying to iron out the wrinkles in their personal lives with the help of Rachel’s new boy toy husband, Colin. The truth doesn’t get revealed in this bitchy comedy, it does a strip tease center stage!

Starring:Gilda Shedstecker Presents! Confessions from The Ladies Room
David Bowen as Stephen Terry
Brian Westerley as Matthew O’Hare
Craig May as Vivian West
Joan Bozman as Maria Carlotta
Kim Tuel as Rachel Prince
Cheryl Foutz as Lila Mitchell
Jeff Rohr as Colin

Directed by Doug Tennant,

Stage managed by Linda Alexander-Radak

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