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Gilda in a whole new wardrobe!

So typical! Literally on the heels of yesterday’s post about the new direction of Gilda Prsesents! since Grey Forge LeFey’s move to southern California, the artist announces the sudden departure of Gilda herself. According...

Gilda Presents!

Gilda in a New Dress

Howdy, Gilda friends! It’s been a wild ride the last year backstage with Gilda. When one is the sole power in the producer/director chair, keeping things on track and on schedule when the world...

Only one David Bowen

If you’re lucky in this life you become friends with someone like David Bowen. He liked to appear crusty and was a bit of a curmudgeon (so naturally we had that in common) but...

In the wake of a new era

We wake to a new day and new information and find we need to reassess our position. It’s always been my intent to make the Gilda company one of kindness and acceptance and tolerance...

Insight into The Other Place

Insight into The Other Place


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