Baby with the Bathwater

When Helen and John bring their new baby home, they’re much too polite to actually peek to see if it’s a boy or girl, so they guess and name her Daisy. Or as Helen says, “The doctor said we can decide on the sex later.” So sets the scene for Christopher Durang’s Baby with the Bathwater, the most inept attempt at parenting since Mommie Dearest! Luckily, beloved Nanny pops in to lend a hand at bringing up baby. But Nanny is less Mary Poppins than Auntie Mame with a cheap degree in child care. How do they all cope? It’s a look at family life too twisted for Jerry Springer.

Jacki Dietz as HelenGilda Shedstecker Presents! Baby with the Bathwater
Dan Fritz as John
Tammy Zinkhon Hyde as Nanny
Lauren Syverson as Cynthia
Patrice Rittenhouse as Miss Pringle
Ellen Fox as Mrs Willoughby
Linda Alexander-Radak and Bridget Bazzinotti, ladies in the park
David Bowen as Counselor
Robin Wilson as Susan
Roman Feemster as baby

Directed by Doug Tennant


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